Imagen 1 de Pirce lamp Pendant Lamp 1x400w R7s white


Collection Pirce of Artemide collaboration Giuseppe Maurizio Scutelli

Pirce is a collection composed of pendant lamp, wall and ceiling.
 Pirce is a thin disk suspended waves fall gently downwards, as if inside the main disk. The effects are created and light are magical.
 Pirce has been designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutelli especially for Artemide. 

Features Pirce Ceiling 

Features Pirce:
 Ceiling lamp available in LED or Halogen version.
 White, gold or black
 Compatible bulbs Pirce ceiling:
 max. 1x330W halogen (R7s), adjustable 2950K
 Total LED power 44W - 3000K, 3344lm adjustable (switchDIM)
 Pirce ceiling lamp: 97x44cm
 Pirce ceiling lamp Mini: 69x36cm
 Collection specifically designed for indoor.

About Giuseppe Maurizio Scutelli designer Pirce

Giuseppe Maurizio Scutelli was born in Italy, where he studied mechanical career.
 His first 12 years were spent, as tech Project senior designer, to design plastic molds and metal.
 He also began as an industrial designer in companies around your area.
 His philosophy is: "A lighting device has a soul, suggests a story and often is a poem without verses written. The light perfume. It is a bright sound that enraptures. It is wonderfully alive. It is dynamic at the same time intimate and friendly. I try to respect its essence embracing their languages, which are formed by a synthesis of chiaroscuro. And, whenever I can, I try to offer more than one interpretation key projects that I face. This is my way of approaching the magical essence ". Giuseppe Maurizio Scutelli

Features Pirce apply

Features Pirce apply:
 Apply lamp available in halogen or LED.
 White, black and gold
 Compatible bulbs with Pirce apply:
 Apply Pirce: max. 1x230W halogen (R7s) including adjustable 2950K bulb
 Apply Pirce mini: LED Total power 29W - 3000K, 2249lm LED included adjustable 1-10V
 Apply Pirce: 22x37x25cm
 Apply Pirce mini: 22x16x14,8cm 

Features Pirce Pendant

Features Pirce pendant lamp:
 pendant lamp available in halogen or LED.
 White, black and gold
 Compatible bulbs with Pirce apply:
 [Data3] Normal and mini pendant lamp:
 HALO: max. 1x330W halogen (R7s), adjustable 2950K
 LED Total power 44W - 3000K, 3344lm adjustable (switchDIM)
 LED bulb and including
 [Data3] micro pendant lamp:
 Total LED power 29W - 3000K, 2237lm LED included
 adjustable 1-10V
 [Data3] Pendant: max 97x28cm H.220
 [Data3] mini pendant lamp: 67x69x23cm
 [Data3] pendant lamp micro: H.200 Max 46,5x48cm

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