Tolomeo (Accessory) desktop lamp base 23cm - Black

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Designer:  Michele De Lucchi

Manufacturer:  Artemide   Collection:   Tolomeo

Collection Tolomeo of Artemide collaboration Michele De Lucchi Collection Tolomeo, designed by Michele De Lucchi especially for the manufacturer Artemide. The Human Light is the guiding philosoph ... Read more


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Collection Tolomeo of Artemide collaboration Michele De Lucchi

Collection Tolomeo, designed by Michele De Lucchi especially for the manufacturer Artemide. 

The Human Light is the guiding philosophy of Artemide, his way of imagining and projecting light, a revolutionary insight that has transformed the way we think about lighting systems for man and his welfare. 

The Artemide products are not only objects of refined design and perfect technical performance, are much more: objects born of man's experience to meet your needs. 

Tolomeo of Artemide is available as table lamp, floor lamp and apply or wall lamp. 

A light level is available with halogen, fluorescent and LED. More information Tolomeo below:

Accessories Tolomeo Artemide

Desktop accessories: 

A004030 - Base 23cm diameter desktop - Aluminum 

A005320 - Base 23cm diameter desktop - White 

A005330 - Base 23cm diameter Desktop - Black 

A004200 - Fixed support for table height max. 6cm 

A004100 - clamp height max. 6cm 

Lamp accessories: 

A012820 - Foot Support 

A014000 - Support for introducing another structure 

Accessories apply: 

A025150 - Support wall 

R301887 - Wall bracket with cable entry 

To form a complete luminaire is necessary to acquire ACCESSORY + STRUCTURE

Structures Tolomeo Artemide

To form a desktop, floor lamp and apply: 

A001000 - Structure halogen 1x77w E27 - Aluminio

A004420 - Structure halogen 1x77w E27 - White 

A004430 - Structure halogen 1x77w E27 - Black 

1029010A - Structure fluorescent G24q-2 1x18W - Aluminium 

1029030A - Structure fluorescent 1x18w G24q-2 - Black 

A004800 - 10w LED structure with regulator - Aluminum 

To form a desktop: 

A005400 - 10w LED structure with presence detector - Aluminium 

To form a desktop or floor lamp: 

1530050A - Structure Aluminum LED TW

About the designer Tolomeo Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi was born in 1951 in Ferrara, Italy. He completed his architectural studies at the University of Florence. In his years of study at the university, he was made in Memphis or Cavart movements. 

Designed large lamps and decorative elements for large in the lighting sector, both in Italy and in Europe. Professional work done by Michele De Lucchi he adds personal research on issues of project design, technology and crafts. 

He has won numerous awards and accolades for his work and professional background. He was also a professor at the Faculty of Design of the Milan Polytechnic. His designs are unique in the world and recognized for their personal brand. 

Michele De Lucchi represents the true spirit of made in Italy.

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