Delta Light

LED TRANSFO 12V / 1 70w

Foto Delta Light LED TRANSFO 12V / 1 70w
Delta Light

Designer: Delta Light

Manufacturer: Delta Light

Collection: Varios

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+ Delta Light Varios328-90-01 - Delta Light Cabling extra circuit module328-10-03 - Delta Light Connection Trimless385-610-ED5 - Delta Light DALI CONVERTOR216-12-01 - Delta Light IP68 connection kit21... (read more)

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LED TRANSFO 12V / 1 70w Delta Light Image

+ Delta Light Varios

328-90-01 - Delta Light Cabling extra circuit module
328-10-03 - Delta Light Connection Trimless
385-610-ED5 - Delta Light DALI CONVERTOR
216-12-01 - Delta Light IP68 connection kit
216-12-02 - Delta Light IP68 Connector 3P

271-41-80-ALU - Delta Light Kubic alu
300-89-12-71 - Delta Light LED TRANSFO 12V / 1 70w
207-01-189 - Delta Light Plaster Kit 189
300-90-331 - Delta Light RGB DRIVER
300-90-310 - Delta Light Rgb remote control

300-90-330 - Delta Light RGB Touch CONTROLLER dimableX
203-10-27-PRIM - Delta Light Setpoint prim
200-47-10 - Delta Light Transformador 100w IP67
275-03-40-ALU - Delta Light Transit alu
201-34-00-W - Delta Light Tubo Antideslumbramiento white

201-34-00-B - Delta Light Tubo Antideslumbramiento Black
201-37-00 - Delta Light Uv Filter c30

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Technical Data

Maximum power70

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