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Suspended design lamp

Suspended lamps are luminaries that are in suspension and that are fixed by a support to the ceiling of the room.

Suspended lamps have a dual function: they illuminate and decorate the room.

Suspended Lamp Styles

There are different styles of suspended lamps as:


They are multitude of decoration styles and types used to decorate and to illuminate the room.

Types of Suspended Lamps

In order to select the perfect suspended lamp, we have to choose the shape, size, finish and type of technology and bulb that will be included in the system.

In this sense, the lamps can be of several types:

Suspended chandeliers
Flat Pendant Lamps
Recessed Downlight
Decorative light bulbs
Decentralized lamps

Suspended chandeliers are recommended for rooms with over 3 meters ceilings, as these lamps are characterized by their large size and, in very low ceilings, they create the feeling of smallness in the room.

If we choose to light the room with hanging lamps with spotlights, we will install the lights in the concrete areas to be illuminated.


When we have already chosen the lamp style and type, we must consider the lighting type we want to give to the room.

There are several possibilities:

* Ambient Light: it is the light that expands throughout the room in a uniform way, avoiding the creation of shadows and non-illuminated areas. For this type of lighting, the most suitable lamps are those that do not have screens, or that have several arms and distribute the light.

* Zonal Light: to this type of illumination we refer when we want to illuminate concrete areas of the room. For this purpose, lamps with closed screens that concentrate the light in a single point, or lamps with direct points of light, will be chosen.

Depending on whether the stay is large or not, we must choose several lamps or one.


Glass, aluminum, ceramic, plastic or PVC, metal... There are as many possibilities as available materials. An endless number of possibilities that will depend on the tastes and specifications of the client.

Glass suspended lamps produce additional brightness and effects that will have to be taken into account to establish the point where the lamp will be placed.

Types of lighting according to stay

Depending on the type of life in each room, the type of lighting will vary.
Although the type of light emitted by a lamp seems to be similar, white light, tones and warmth vary, and there are colder and bluish tones or warmer and orange tones.

* Warm light: -3000K. It is characterized by the reddish tone that the light gives off.
* Cold light: + 5000K. It is characterized by its high percentage of blue tones.

According to experts recommendations, the room and the life that is performed in it determines the type of lighting to choose for it.

The suspended lamps for living room we recommend is both cool and warm light. If we divide the living room into two, relax zone and zone of activity, in the first zone it will be advisable to put a warm light and in the second zone a cold one.

In rooms dedicated to sleeping, the recommended hanging lamps are those that use a warm and dim light that guarantees rest.

For the little ones of the house, the ideal is to establish a warm lighting for the rest areas and for the game room, zone of activity, a cold light.

Passing areas such as hallways or halls, you can put a cool light.

For the kitchen, pendant lamps are usually located above the main table or the area where they are cooked, so a cold light is ideal.

Suspended lamps are a perfect choice to light and decorate our home. They are decorative elements that take center stage in the room in which they are.

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