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Wall lamps are luminaries that are characterized by being subjected to vertical surfaces such as walls or columns. These lamps are useful in comparison to other types of luminaries, since the space they occupy is minimal and do not hinder the passage of people or space on the tables.

The most useful for this type of luminaires is to place them in the hallway, bathroom, passage areas, living rooms or sleeping rooms.

The light emitted by these types of luminaries is ambient lighting, relaxed and warm. This will also depend on the type of bulbs we select for our lamp.

Another practical use for wall sconces is its use to illuminate details that we want to emphasize, such as paintings, mirrors, shelves, etc.

Types of wall lamps

Depending on the room where we want to place the design wall lamps, will vary the size, model and style of it.

Bedroom wall lamps: The bedrooms are rooms that we dedicate to rest and therefore we seek comfort and relax. In this case, the best option in wall lamps is to select two wall lamps for each of the bedside tables or wall lamps next to the main mirror to be able to illuminate the concrete areas. The wall lamps with translucent screen will bring that dim and relaxed light that we look for in this room.

Bathroom lamps: choosing the best type of bathroom lamps, it is necessary to know that they have to have special characteristics such as a high protection index equal to or greater than IP44, so that they resist humidity and high temperatures that can be reached in the bathroom. Bathroom wall lights should be purchased and placed in areas where they will accentuate light, such as mirrors.

Wall lamps: in this type of space, we can opt for light reflections on the wall, making a diffuse and enveloping effect that make the atmosphere elegant. They are made of opaque materials and can reflect the lighting up or down.

Picture lamps: they are wall lamps that are used to illuminate the object itself, and are designed for that. This type of appliqués are purchased for museums or exhibition areas, in both public and private spaces.
Exterior wall lamps: in them we can include lanterns and wall lamps that have a high index of protection to be suitable for external agents.

The wall lamps offer different supports such as wall lamps, clamp support, articulated arms, to offer all possibilities and to meet the most current tastes of customers.

We offer specialized advice and exclusive offers for design wall lamps from the biggest manufacturers and designers in the lighting sector.

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