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Designer:   LaGranja Design

Manufacturer:  Estiluz   Collection:   Infiore

Collection Infiore of Estiluz designed by LaGranja Design  Collection Infiore, created by the lighting manufacturer Estiluz in collaboration with the design studio LaGranja Design The new mo ... Read more

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Collection Infiore of Estiluz designed by LaGranja Design 

Collection Infiore, created by the lighting manufacturer Estiluz in collaboration with the design studio LaGranja Design 

The new model Infiore, a hanging lamp that combines equal parts beauty and sensuality, expressiveness and warmth is. 

In the words of its creator, "he is inspired by the Hitodama that, according to Japanese folklore, represent wandering souls of the recently dead floating in the air taking the form of luminous flame." 


Lamps Infiore 

Infiore lamp is a perfect design for all types of contemporary spaces, this design of elliptical format frames a light beam defined by a game between light and shadow, which accentuates and highlights the delicate limits curved contours. 

Available in white, the piece adds a dynamic air stays thanks to its screen rigid polyurethane foam, which 
harmonizes perfectly with the textile black cable. 

Tucked under her skin, a heart of LED technology illuminates the inside of your body and projects a powerful beam of light directly to the outside, which ensures a homogeneous lighting in any space, while it adds a touch of personality. 

Features Infiore 

An elegant curved screen emits direct light and glows subtly inside. Screen rigid polyurethane foam with acrylic diffuser. 

Light bulb 

T-3515-W - LED 10W 
T-3515-M - LED 10W 

About the designer LaGranja Design 

LaGranja Design, industrial designer born in Barcelona in 1978. 

Trained as an Industrial Designer in ESDAP Llotja and later in Escola Massana, his interest in this profession is fruit of curiosity to know and want to understand how are the "things" around us. This curiosity that endures is that allows you to grow, and causes the need to keep learning every day, looking for new ways in each project motivation. 

Currently, she combines this personal work with the co-direction of, study focuses on conceptualizing and designing, both objects and spaces, creating experiences that make people and brands converge on the same core. 

About the manufacturer Estiluz 

During the 80s, Estiluz obtained significant growth thanks to the success of its products in neoclassical style, which consolidated its presence in the domestic market and began its expansion in Europe. 

Then, as today, the consumer valued quality, durability and aesthetic content of the product. The large amount of light emitted luminaires Estiluz thanks to the innovative halogen bulbs, which Estiluz pioneered a Spanish level, was indisputably part of success. 

At that time, a time in which Spanish designers lacked the current prestige, Gerard Masdeu, creator and designer of the company, saw the need to project a more international image taking advantage of the popularity of Italian designers, so in vogue at that time . Along with the proven product quality, "Leonardo Marelli" contributed decisively to the international expansion way. 

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