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Fabbian Illuminazione was founded in 1961 as a manufacturer of lighting fixtures for home and for projects contracted company. This aspect, along with the tradition and quality have always been evident in the product, resulting in the fact that Fabbian has gradually gaining size and international recognition. The results have been obtained thanks to the continuous research aimed at interpreting market demands, besides thanks to follow specific policies and market strategies.

This company, located in Northeast Italy, manufactures all components in their own business unit, giving them their distinctive touch to new trends in design with a wealth of styles, using advanced production technologies and interpreting new conceptual ideas of a group of international architects and designers. Research and design are carried out by a team of experts using processes and control systems using computers.

Experience, plus a network of professional and skilled trade, always lead to the consolidation of technologies specific, forming a philosophy of production that can not separarde new research methods and construction. Commercially Fabbian is present in the Italian, European and Asia through a series of agents, shops, and sister companies in the United States and Brazil.

Quality at the highest level and the use of reliable components are part of the product. The construction and assembly are carried out with extreme care, checking each step of the production to get a product that meets the appropriate safety rules cycle.

Fabbian luminaires, in fact, meet all stringent requirements given by most certification organizations. Moreover, the company complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certified Company also has an after-sales service, giving an immediate and appropriate response to customers in terms of information and solutions for better use of its products with its efficient service spare parts and detailed documentation.

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