Lamp Arco Flos

The lamps Arc de Flos is a collection composed of standing lamp and at the same time suspension. The concept of Arco encompasses the idea of functionality in the sense of performing the function of standing lamp and at the same time suspension. The designers of Arco de Flos are Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castigiioni. It is an icon for the manufacturer Flos since with the passage of time it has been evolving and creating versions adapted to the needs and technologies of our days. The creation of the Arco lamp is an original idea, modifying the pendant lamp, traditionally in the center, and with the ability to move freely. Inspired by the streetlights, it projects its light two meters from the base. Arco de Flos is a versatile and adjustable lamp, since it allows you to establish the point of light wherever you want. It is an appropriate option for those who seek comfort, functionality and design.

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