Collection Rituals by Foscarini

Rituals collection by Foscarini, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, can be purchased in three different forms and at the same time complementary, in balance between east and west. A family of lamps that bring a relaxing luminosity in the most diverse environments, translating the magic The rice paper or the mulberry bark, the raw material of Japanese lamps, in the precious appearance of blown and satin glass.

The horizontal lines, which record the surface of the lamps, give life to a soft and fascinating decoration, but at the same time contribute to filter the intensity of the light source, diffusing a full, warm and soft light into the environment.

Rituals by Foscarini are perfect used alone or in a harmonic composition of forms; On a bedside table, a console, a table or also on the floor: for an area dedicated to relaxation or as lamps of meditation, illuminating with wisdom both the space in which we live and our inner world.

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