Costanza (Accessory) Diffuser of light (4 units packaging) - white

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Designer:  Paolo Rizzatto

Manufacturer:  Luceplan   Collection:   Costanza

Collection Costanza of Luceplan collaboration Paolo Rizzatto Collection Costanza, designed by Paolo Rizzatto especially for the manufacturer Luceplan. Fascinating, inimitable and modern evocation of t ... Read more


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Collection Costanza of Luceplan collaboration Paolo Rizzatto

Collection Costanza, designed by Paolo Rizzatto especially for the manufacturer Luceplan. Fascinating, inimitable and modern evocation of the type of diffuser or abat-jour. 

The model revolves around light in its very essence thanks to a light and simple design but at the same time rigorous. 

With its essential character, the large family Costanza gets to be new to that classic pair, remembering the same way and looking at its origins. 

It is a lamp that adapts to any application thanks to its numerous variations in dimensions and functions. 

There are full versions and versions parties. For a complete luminaire split version, you must purchase ACCESSORY STRUCTURE + (DISPLAY).

Features Costanza Luceplan

Ethereal and essential naturally it integrated into any environment. 

Costanza is the epitome of modern elegance colored. The polycarbonate diffuser is supported by the aluminum structure in only two support points. 

Combining tradition and technology, Costanza declines classic to contemporary way. The interchangeable polycarbonate screen diffuses a warm and pleasant light. The sensorial dimmer rod allows to regulate the switching on and off, through four levels of light intensity. 

Graceful and discreet integrates with simplicity in any environment, public or private. The switch rod located near the light source can comfortably regulate the switching on and off. Elegant and light, it diffuses a pleasant warm light through the silk screen polycarbonate. The height of the up-down version is regulated by the characteristic stainless steel counterweight. 

Costanza suspension allows a very flexible use of ceiling lamp, because it can be insta-side roof anywhere without having to use a light point already set.

Features Costanza lamps Luceplan

Finishes available for structures: 

White bone 

Finishes available for screens: 

Mezzo collection screens Tone 

Green water 
Mystic white 
Pale pink 

Screens collection Radieuse 

Primary red 
Black soot 
Blue oil 
Bright yellow 

Bulbs Costanza

Bulbs Costanza: 

Adjustable Halogen lamps E27 105w HSGS 
Adjustable Halogen lamps E27 70w HSGS 
Fluorescent lamps FBT 23w E27 
FBT 12w E14 fluorescent lamps

About the designer Italian design lamps Paolo Rizzatto

Paolo Rizzatto graduated in 1969 in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, he worked as an industrial designer with many companies and conducts research and teaching at the IUAV (University Institute of Architecture in Venice). 

In his Milan studio he works independently in the fields of architecture, interior and design. In 1978 he founded the company Luceplan with Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi. 

It has produced designs for many Italian and foreign companies.

Accessories available for Costanza Luceplan

Table lamps 

1d13-NP0C020 Height: 51cm - Base: 14x14cm 
1d13-NP00017 Height: 51cm - Base: 14x14cm 
1d13-NP00020 Height: 51cm - Base: 14x14cm 
1d13-NPLC020 Height: 51cm - Base: 14x14cm 1D13PNP00020 Height: 51cm 
1D13N-00C020A Height: 76 / 110cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13N-000017 Height: 76 / 110cm - Base: 18x18cm 
1D13N-000020 76 / 110cm - Base: 18x18cm 
1D13N-010020 Height: 76 / 110cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13N-01F020 Height: 76 / 110cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13NPT00020 Height: 76 / 110cm 
1D13NPT10020 Height: 76 / 110cm Standing lamps 
1D13NT00C020A Height: 120/160 cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13NT000017 Height: 120/160 cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13NT000020 Height: 120/160 cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13NT010020 Height: 120/160 cm - Base: 18x18cm 1D13NT01F020 Height: 156cm - Base: 18x18cm 

Hanging lamps 
1D13SNP00002 Height 100 / 250cm 
1D13NS000020 Height 100 / 150cm 
1D13NSA20020 Height 100 / 250cm 

1D13ANP00017 Height: 54cm - Ø 28 
1D13ANP00020 Height: 54cm - Ø 28 
1D13NA000020 Height: 76 / 110cm - O44 / 57 1D13NA01F020 Height: 80 cm - Ø46 

1D13-1P11N02 screen Ø 26 
9D1325476800 rosette Ø 13/25 
9D1350620701 wall adapter Ø 13/50 
9D1350620720 wall adapter Ø 13/50 
1D13001NT002 screen Ø 40 
1D13N-900000 diffuser (bulb included) Ø 13/90 
1D13N-910000 diffuser (bulb not included) Ø 13/91 

About the manufacturer of Italian design lamps Luceplan

The slogan of Luceplan, "Made in Light" exceeds the geographical concept of "Made in" associated with the territory: Made in Italy, Made in China, etc. 

The theme of 'Made in' extends to the world of light, a planet itself in which light defines an imaginary space without limits or barriers. 

The world of light belongs to humanity and the language of light brings people in every part of the planet. An alphabet, Design of light, that Luceplan governs with wisdom thanks to its expertise, its competence in the design and production ie "Made" objects of light. 

This is what we mean by: Luceplan - Made in Light.

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Family of design lamps by Luceplan Costanza

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