Imagen 1 de Discocó 35 Pendant lamp ø35cm White


Collection Discocó of Marset collaboration Christophe Mathieu

ABS disks lacquered in white reflected from inside the light source sharply. Outside this reflection is tempered by light incidence. At the same time it seeks to direct lighting downward. 

The chrome sphere Discocó, where the metal rods that hold the discs are anchored, adds new reflections and flashes. The user mounts the lamp itself with ease thanks to the design of lace by compression. 

This collection is composed of pendant lamp, wall and ceiling. 

35 discs of ABS injected for hanging lamps and 21 opaque discs of ABS injected for wall and ceiling fixture.

About the collection Discocó

So Christophe Mathieu: I started designing the lamp Discocó in 1997, but then did not know quite how to do it. I resumed sometimes over ten years, until we found the ideal technology and process. The brain works by association of ideas, so I like to use when designing the collective memory. 

Poul Henningsen lamps, the Fun DM series of Verner Panton and lamp Porca Miseria of Ingo Maurer were touchstones in this case. 

This concept of a light source surrounded by reflecting-diffusing elements and shielding of the light itself by Discocó with opaque discs of molded ABS and die cast aluminum rods. So the finish is flawless and the assembly for Discocó does not need screws. In addition to its exuberance and its attractiveness, hanging lamps Discocó they are characterized by occur in multiple sizes. In this way, they are seen as synonymous with functionality, being suitable for any type of space.

Features Discocó wall lamp

Bulbs apply Discocó: 

Discocó A 

2x 5W LED E14 

Measures to apply Discocó: 

height 27,5cm 

38cm long 

width 23,6cm

Christophe Mathieu designer Discocó

Christophe Mathieu born in Hamburg in 1961. He graduated in Interior Design at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts (Llotja), Barcelona. 

Doing an internship in Germany (Hamburg) collaborating with Nitz, Sigl Arquitekten Prash and architects. Subsequently it installed for three years in Milan, where he collaborates with: the architect Marco Zanuso jr in product development for companies such as De Padova, Memphis and Driade; architects Roberto Menghi and Giulio Crespi; industrial designer Sergio Coppola; and architect Antonio Zanuso in the winning project Piazza della Republica. 

This Milanese brand will stay deeply. 

In 1989 he decided to move to live in Barcelona, where he worked with Alfredo Arribas, Javier Mariscal and Eduard Samsó. Companies with which he has worked are: Bosa, Artelano, Disform, Metalarte, Bover, lollipop, Smint, Nike, Bticino, Comas & Partners and Marset.

Features Discocó hanging lamp

Bulbs Pendant lamps Discocó: 

Discocó 132 

6x E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W 

Discocó 88 

3x E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W 3x E27 HSGSA / C / UB 77W 

Discocó 68 

3x E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W 3x E27 HSGSA / C / UB 57W 

Discocó 53 

E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W HSGSA E27 / C / UB 116W 

Discocó 35 

HSGSP E14 / C / UV 46W 5W LED E14

Features Discocó ceiling lamp

Ceiling Bulbs Discocó: 

Discocó C88 

3x E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W E27 HSGSA 3x / C / UB 77W 

Discocó C68 

3x E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W E27 HSGSA 3x / C / UB 57W 

Discocó C53 

E27 LED Globe (ø120) 14W E27 HSGSA / C / UB 116W

Features Discocó

Finishes available for Discocó: 

White (Ral 9003) 

Matt gray (Ral 7037) 

Beige mate (Ral 1001) 

Black-gold (Ral 9004-Gold)

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