Imagen 1 de Tam Tam (Structure) base 1 for Single wall lamp White

Collection Tam Tam of Marset collaboration Fabien Dumas

Tam Tam is a juicy bunch of grapes, drums Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, the constellation Perseus ... Many examples that could illustrate the Tam Tam, a new concept of lamp that exalts repetition in the concentration of archetypal screen: multiple light sources oriented in different directions, geometrically placed to evoke chaos. The lamp consists of a large lacquered aluminum screen, which displays several satellites that can be oriented 360 degrees in any position, thanks to a rotation mechanism bind. At the bottom, an opal acrylic diffuser softens the light. [Data3] adapts to any space since the game screen and their different positions and colors can be combined and multiplied to create an immense ceiling lights, unique each time. Tam Tam is available in several versions: wall, pendant, mini pendant and floor lamp. 


For hanging combinations of 3 or 5 satellites, selected in order: Central display for 3 or 5 satellites + the number desired satellite screens with the desired color combination. Apply for full select order: Structure Database apply 1 or 2 + Screens Satellite Mini in the desired color.

Pendant lamps Features Tam Tam

Central display lacquered aluminum, which bind 3 or 5 satellite screens that can be oriented 360 in any position. 

At the bottom, opal methacrylate diffuser softens the light. 

In Tam Tam, Tam Tam 3 and 5, each screen can be customized with the color that you want, to choose between black, white, orange, brown, green and sand. 

Tam Tam 3 - Central Display 9xE27 18W FBT 9xE27 HSGSA / C / V 42W Tam Tam 5 - Central display FBT 18W 13xE27 13xE27 HSGSA / C / V 42W Tam Tam 50 - Single Screen 3xE27 18W FBT 3xE27 HSGSA / C / V 42W

Features Tam Tam ceiling lamp

Features Tam Tam C 38 LED:
 Screen molded polyethylene. Opal methacrylate diffuser
 White, Grey Stone, Black, sand, blue sky
 Light bulbs:
 700mA 2700K SMD LED 15.4W
 2130 lm (included) dimmable 

Fabien Dumas designer Tam Tam

Fabien Dumas graduated in Industrial Design in Barcelona. He started working in manufacturing minimalist lamps and subsequently expanded its collaboration with various companies in which he devoted himself to the creation of new product lines.
 Since 1996 it binds tightly to the company Marset dealing with product direction of the company.
 It has been recognized on several occasions to be awarded in the FAD awards.
 In 2001 he was awarded the Silver Delta for the Atlas series and in 2005 by the Neon Light, both manufactured by Marset lighting.
 In 2002 he opened his own industrial design studio from which develops its work with various companies for the design of new products.
 Fabien Dumas designer collection says that "A dimly lit room can greatly affect emotionally for me, the light at home have to go through spaces. Light to eat, the reading light, the light to be on the sofa Light by sectors that create pleasant atmosphere.

Features Tam Tam hanging lamp

Features Tam Tam:
 Screen molded polyethylene. Opal methacrylate diffuser
 White, Grey Stone, Black, sand, blue sky
 Light bulbs:
 700mA 2700K SMD LED 15.4W
 2130 lm (included)
 Outdoor: Soho 38 IP44 LED
 Indoor: Soho 38 LED

Features Tam Tam floor lamp

Features Tam Tam P LED:
 Screen molded polyethylene. Opal methacrylate diffuser. black lacquered metal structure with antioxidant cataphoresis treatment for outdoor use. Regulation with cutting device at the beginning or end of phase (Triac)
 White, Grey Stone, Black, sand, blue sky
 Light bulbs:
 SMD LED 2700K 7,8W 700mA
 1066 lm (included) IP44 dimmable 

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