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Since Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919, has become a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the health sector and consumer electronics. For over 90 years they have been at the forefront in the design of products for endoscopy, microscopy, medical and industrial equipment, cameras and voice recorders.

In Olympus, trying to make the world a little better day by day, and a more prosperous, secure and fully to all who live in it instead. They are committed to developing new technologies, products and services that meet the highest standards in the industry and offer our customers greater safety, quality and productivity.

Olympus Europe attaches great importance to ensuring that its practices be responsible and sustainable. The overall strategy of corporate social responsibility of business is based on three pillars: support to employees, commitment to society and environmental protection. Olympus Europa offers a number of benefits to its employees such as free day care for their children, training opportunities and plans of modern and flexible pensions.

The social commitment of Olympus is focused primarily in medicine and health, without forgetting science and education. In this sense, the Science for Life Foundation of Olympus Europa promotes science and research in the fields of diagnosis and endoscopic therapy, childhood diseases, microscopy and scientific photography. In addition to supporting multiple initiatives at local, Olympus works with the German branch of the international humanitarian organization Doctors of the World to seek improvements in the delivery of health care globally.

Protecting the environment and our natural resources is another cornerstone of the policy of corporate social responsibility to Olympus. By improving the energy efficiency of all processes of design and manufacturing, after careful study of all of them, Olympus aims to reduce energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases from commercial activities. This initiative will also reduce water consumption and avoid the use of chemicals that could contribute to global warming.

Since 2010, Olympus produces its own electricity through hydropower plants and wind farms for its production and offices in Hamburg. The company plans to build new facilities with efficient insulation and fed with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, to further reduce energy consumption.

Olympus is famous for its products and services of high quality. In order that this reputation remains the same in the future, since 1997, Olympus working with a quality management system that complies with international standards; This system was developed and improved continuously.

optimization quality standards we have already achieved is the basis of all our innovations and is very important when it comes to meet the requirements of customers and achieve commercial success. Optimization of business processes at all levels is essential to achieving quality objectives pillar. The orientation process is also fundamental to the international quality standards approach, therefore, is essential in all other activities and measures to continuously increase the performance and efficiency of the entire organization.

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