Erco, a modern and sustainably family business, specializes in software and hardware lighting in architectural lighting. Erco pursues the primary goal of technological leadership in order to ensure the economic and intellectual independence.

Erco has a pronounced entrepreneurial culture, encompassing not only the image but also the behavior of the company and its employees. We place value on openness, transparency, orientation to the goals, leadership, creativity, innovation and lifelong skills development through mutual sharing.

Erco acts responsibly in the use of resources such as raw materials and energy - to its customers, employees and the environment. This is reflected in various fields: from the products, through manufacturing and even to the enterprise architecture.

Their products are durable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. They are produced in the most respectful way possible with the resources. Aspects such as architecture daylight integration of solar and green roofs, as well as a landscape architecture company compound natural character attest sustainable architectural concept.

In the field of architectural lighting, innovative lighting tools define new standards. Erco applies innovation in their work processes, both in product development and cooperative customer service. The concentration of development, production and communication in the same building enable the high quality of software and hardware for Erco Lighting: in this context, Made in Germany defines the claim of efficiency and reliability. But it is the creativity, innovativeness and passion of employees that make possible to meet this demand and take it into our customers’ projects. Thus, the close involvement of Erco lighting advisors with planning teams and owners result in lighting concepts individually made to measure.

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