In autumn 1997, the business unit photo and Candlemas download Messtechnik GmbH is freely established as an independent company. Since the gutters photo and photometry has been on the road to success.

more than 75 years of experience as a manufacturer of high-precision measuring instruments has proven its effectiveness, especially in the field of light measurements and the use of innovative techniques in the research, development and production. The tradition is good, better innovation is the motto of the Gossen is light and photo-Messtechnik GmbH. Gossen photo-and light Messtechnik GmbH is a relatively small company, but progressively, with the alignment of the optical measurements. Meets the challenges of the ever-growing and rapidly changing technical and market through continuous development of new products In addition, Gossen Foto-and light Messtechnik GmbH proves to be a proven and reliable in all our business partners to be three: free Photography | Industrial Light Measurement | Medical


Here Gossen company offers a wide range of exposure meter, which are suitable for digital TV, and analog photography. This light meter facing the challenges of professional photographers and amateur photographer enthusiast needs.

free download Industrial Light Industrial measuring light detector measuring high precision light meter luminance. All light meters and luminance meters are in accordance with DIN 5032-7 Class B or C or or classified. EN 13032-1.

As an additional option, test reports can be produced in our own laboratory and certified specially equipped light be.


In the field of medical technology, features collaborations with renowned partners Gossen. In addition to the classical meters monitoring (IEC 61223-2-5), Gossen Luminance produce counters for approval inspections diagnostic monitors and display systems according to DIN 6868-57. This area of medical OEM meters complete with special solutions.


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