Icone Minitallux

For over 40 years, the light has been their passion and philosophy. Light is an essential element that brings character to the design of a house interior. That is the reason why they show a wide range of lighting fixtures in their showroom, because they offer different types of lamps that range from classical to modern design elements of authentic and excellent value for money which meet the needs of all customers.

An attentive and professional approach to customers is the basis of the elegance and passion that we try to highlight at their homes.

Minitallux was founded in Brembate in 1970 by Giuseppe Pagnoncelli as lamp manufacturer for other companies. In 1973, the company began to expand its customer base in international markets. In 1985, with the new business ideologies of their children, the company began promoting its own brand of indoor lighting products on the Italian and international market.

in January 2002, Minitallux introduced and installed an area of 10,000 square meters, 3,000 square of which are within the facilities. As a leader in the industry, they fight for being a model for all those who seek quality and design. In addition to traditional lamps, they try to look to the future, offering high-tech products accessories. The attention to materials and details, the combination of metals, textiles, glass and light, allows them to create authentic works that meet all interiors - offices, homes and exhibition halls as well. Light is their passion, their philosophy. That is the reason why we pay attention not only to the descriptions and aesthetic details of our products, but also to their quality. This is expressed through the quality of the material and the use of friendly environmental products.

Their lamps preserve every drop of light, since they have chosen the most friendly environmental processes, certified materials and renewable energy sources. Moreover, their light respects the environment, even when it comes to marketing, since they choose to print brochures with recycled paper and organic ink.

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