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Since 1990, Spittler Lichttechnik has been developing the production of indoor lighting made in Germany. The main fields of application are sophisticated financial solutions for offices and administrations, sales and presentation, general lighting and special applications. Timeless design, technical merit and energy efficiency are the features that make Spittler products stand out.

With many years of experience and motivation of employees, Spittler is considered a service that meets different requirements through a close collaboration with their customers.

Thanks to a deep production, constant consideration of new scientific findings and the application of the latest technologies, Spittler is able to quickly react to to their customers’ demands in order to provide them with the best quality products. br>
Since 2009, Spittler Lichttechnik is in the lighting group that unites five brands: Spittler, Prisma Architectural, SBP Urban Lighting and Prisma.

This allows the group to offer all kinds of technical and decorative luminaries for indoor and outdoor lighting.

No matter what your need, there is always a solution for every kind of scenario.
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