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Trigasia is a Spanish company founded in 2003, designed and dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and import of high-power LED technology. In these years have made ​​great achievements, since its LED lighting products meet the demands that obsolete lighting systems do not meet earlier, and bring a breath of fresh air, seeking solutions to the challenges of today's society.

This company is aligned with the needs of our customers, putting at your disposal and providing them with products of the highest quality at a level not experienced before, a new level of excellence. Its development in technology and design is always, therefore, aimed at finding minded people and the needs of their clients.

Trigasia ultimate goal is to develop solutions for lighting, in addition the constant search for eCOEFFICIENCY, fully satisfies the end user. And only in-depth knowledge to our customers, knowing their ideas and priorities, we can fully satisfy your needs and desires.

To achieve the above, has a specialized Trigasia order to provide the best service template our customers, understand their needs and solve any problems using their total capacity, ingenuity and attention.

in Trigasia are convinced that LED lighting technology is the future already do present, and it is a technology that is here to stay. That is why they are devoting their efforts to achieve excellence in these products.
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