Imagen 1 de Fold Wall Lamp Single Surface Lacquered net Mate

Collection Fold of Vibia collaboration Arik Levy

Available in various formats and composable by number of modules, Fold in its version of surface allows drawing and coloring the wall creating unexpected and surprising ways and creating a magical three-dimensional effect in its geometry.

 In its recessed version Fold is integrated into the wall camouflaging and generating light leakage creating magical lighting mosaics, playing with lights and shadows, bathing the walls. 

About the collection Fold of Vibia

As a brush in the artist's hands, Fold of Arik Levy becomes a platform rather than a lamp to stimulate the creativity of professionals in architecture, design and interior design. The new collection of Vibia manages to give life to the walls by a set of indirect light and shadow.
 The result is a magical three-dimensional, subtle and simple to work and imagine effect. Arik Levy surface allows coloring the wall creating infinite combinations of lighting mosaics.
 In its recessed version, the lamp achieves full integration in space and architecture, as they can be painted the same color as the wall. 

About the manufacturer Vibia

Vibia manufactures and distributes decorative interior lighting: floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, recessed lights, ceiling and wall lights, lighting for kitchens, picture lights and luminaires for toilets.
 Belonging to T Group, with more than 25 years of life behind, Grupo T Diffusion adopted a new strategy in 1999 with the creation of three major brands: Vibia (lighting), Tramo (furniture systems) and BSC (seats), which They have made their way into many homes, offices and contract projects.
 Its stated goal is to offer products of excellent design and quality.

Finishes Fold of Vibia

4200/4201/4202/4203 models
 / 4204/4205/4206/4207/4208
 / 4209.
 Aluminum diffuser.
 Broken Mate White Lacquered
 Dark Brown lacquered Mate
 Lacquering Green Mate
 Red lacquered Mate   

Bulbs Fold

Models 4210 and 4211
 Plaster diffuser.
 White lacquered
 LED bulbs (included):
 4200 - 2xLED 3W 700mA
 4201 - 4xLED 3W 700mA
 4202 - 6XLED 3W 700mA
 4203 - 8xLED 3W 700mA
 4204 - 8xLED 3W 700mA
 4205 - 8xLED 3W 700mA
 4206 - 8xLED 3W 700mA
 4207 - 14xLED 3W 700mA
 4208 - 16xLED 3W 700mA
 4209 - 18xLED 3W 700mA
 4210 - 2xLED 3W 700mA
 4211 - 6XLED 3W 700mA 

Dimensions Fold


Arik Levy designer Fold 

Artist and industrial designer, who attended the Art Center Europe in Switzerland, where he graduated in Industrial Design in 1991.
 Levy has developed a multidisciplinary approach, in development for the past 25 years a successful career in the fields of industrial and technical design. He currently works in his studio in Paris.

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