Appliques Vibia

Apply Vibia have a modern design adapting to the needs of the consumer and the space in which it is located. You can buy models of exterior, interior, headboards, etc. providing multiple services and aesthetic depending on the model of Vibia.

Vibia lamps have a modern and elegant design perfectly match the current interior design trends.

Vibia is a design lamps firm founded in 1987 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Vibia designs innovative lamps, different and made with high quality materials focused on the finishes and handmade details.

The hanging lamps Vibia is synonymous with elegance and design. They offer a unique proposal of products and solutions, stimulating for the creation of spaces.

Light creates, models and gives life and is what Vibia creates through the light of its hanging lamps, perceiving with them the landscape, the architecture and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions. Each of them has a own identity.

Vibia has the vocation to create solutions that adapt to the needs of people in different contexts. Its mission is to improve the interaction of people with their environment and their visual and emotional well-being.

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