Design lamp Warm by Vibia

Lamps Warm by Vibia are composed of hanging lamps, floor lamps and desks lamps.

This lamps collection has been designed by Ramos & Bassols. Lamps Warm by Vibia are elegant and come in two possible screen options: translucent screen or opaque aluminum screen.

According to the type of screen that we select for our lamp the light will be ambient and general or more intense and punctual on an area.

Table lamps Warm are available in two sizes, one larger to illuminate passage and table areas in the living room, and a smaller one to place in bedrooms or entrances.

Suspended lamps Warm have 3 different models that vary in size. The Warm floor lamp comes in a single size.

Buying Warm by Vibia is a great way to light and decorate our home with a timeless classic.

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