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The Arturo Álvarez company was born in 1994 in Santiago de Compostela, in northwestern Spain. He created and patented Simetech ®. Warm and bright, this material allows developing different and original textures and volumes.

The catalogue of Arturo Álvarez lamps is more respectful with the environment and energy saving, revaluing manual techniques, to create a new language with materials innovators.

The center of their project is the human being. Their lamps cause emotional feelings of well-being. They do projects of commercial lighting to measure, with multiple possibilities of customization.

They stand out for their dedication to the design and production of decorative luminaires made entirely by hand, developing his work in more than 50 countries.

Arturo Álvarez revalued manual techniques, to create a new language with innovative materials. They also create own materials to achieve various textures and a warm, welcoming glow.

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