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For Flos, the light is the substance to express new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions. Flos writes the future, reads our past and expresses it in positive challenges of continuity and bold decisions that have shaped our image and identity.

Our story taught us to stir the flames of provocation researching new poetic notions of functionality. To trust in our intuition has always allowed the creation of products that have become icons that establish new innovative typologies and archetypes. The connection with the project, the discovery of new talent, the command of a high technological and technical status and keeping in tune with popular culture are qualities that have always put us in the forefront.

Experimenting opens the way for us to use revolutionary materials – like in the past with Cocoon - and high-tech solutions, today represented by the LED materials and sustainable eco.

When designing new languages around light, we set new aesthetic and freedoms of living.

Our lamps, from yesterday and today, will never fail to be serious about the game and its sense of irony along with the thin line that divides and unites art and design, craft and industry, limited edition and production on a larger scale, the idea of an individual and the collective imagination. This is our place. Here you will find us.

This manufacturer has two divisions: Flos, designing lamps and Flos Architectural decoration, which deal with the design of lamps for professional installations.
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