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Estiluz illuminates experiences with solutions designed by Gerard Masdeu Jorda. He is a young entrepreneur with a great vision and sense of design. He also has the mechanical experience of his father and the help of his brother. Estiluz was founded in 1969 and it is a small company located in a workshop in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, in Girona (Spain).

From the very beginning, Estiluz specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of high-end decorative lighting. Estiluz have been placed. Estiluz have been placed as a world leader in the lighting industry thanks to its elegant and functional designs, the timelessness of their designs, quality materials and finishes and engineering of its products. Currently, the have subsidiaries in Paris (1991), New York (1993) and Frankfurt (2002).

Estiluz keeps the processes of industrialization, manufacturing and assembly in their own facilities. Since their beginning, they have chosen a strategy of product differentiation and impeccable service.

The design is part of the Estiluz culture. This is a value that is internalized and shared throughout the organization, which is reflected on everything they do. The design is alive and it evolves. That is why Estliuz has devoted so many years to think about the design of their future strategy that goes beyond the product aesthetics and the brand image.

Estiluz has initiated an internal transformation, in both their organization and their facilities, in order to become a laboratory for innovative solutions in the world of lighting. Solutions that are respectful towards society and the environment and that are also aimed to a universal audience.

Estiluz is considered one of the most charismatic brands in the forefront industry and has been internationally recognized with an Honorable Mention at the European Design Management award 2010 and Delta Silver Award 2012 for the originality of the Balloon lamp.

Gerard, Executive Director, embarked on an adventure: in July 2012, a group of 12 people made their first awareness sessions about sustainability. They lost themselves in the green of the mountains and the image of cows grazing in the field, facing their first challenge: defining sustainability. None of them was able to describe it beyond ecology: recycling, renewable energy use, care of forests... But this is not enough to explain a topic that encompasses so many things. In addition, all agreed that sustainability was out of our reach.

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