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The story told by Leucos to our modern times is long, vital and interesting. A revolutionary story that begins in the 60s and that starts to question the historical relationship between form and material. The protagonist was the glass, which they took out from its first artistic traditional logic, and was reinterpreted in an absolutely stunning new shape.

They did this taking into account the tradition, obviously, but also the researching materials. They also reconsidered mass production as an added value to the design, since repetition becomes the multiplication of beauty, accessibility and an opportunity to provide resources to the creative process.

Under this spirit of innovation, the creative process plays a huge important role, becoming the stylistic symbol of the brand. It is the combination of light and design the one that defines the brand’s identity in unlimited ways thanks to the diversity of materials and the development of production techniques. A whole universe opens to the possibilities of expression, from the preciousness of glass to the newly created materials.

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