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Founded in 1987 by entrepreneur and designer Paul Ameloot, today Delta Light ® has become a market leader and a trendsetter in architectural lighting. With innovative lighting concepts, the company is globally recognized for its subtle blend of ambiance, functionality and design. Currently, Delta Light ® is a source of employment for 200 people at its headquarters in Wevelgem, performing a turnover of 60 million Euros in more than 80 countries.

In addition to offices and production department, the general architectural offices also include a large reception, showrooms, warehouse and training center, The House of Light ®. The success of Delta Light ® is based on a constant quest for perfection and innovation. Designers are also constantly alert to the trends of the future, both in terms of design and use of materials, without losing sight of the need to innovate. Delta Light is a leading brand in the market lighting for architecture and is known for its innovative designs. It is a Belgian company with over 30 years experience in the lighting industry. Each of their products is manufactured in Belgium combining quality with functionality and design.

The work on new materials and openness to new trends in the design make Delta Light a leading brand in innovation. The products produced by Delta Lighting light can be applied in all kinds of architectural spaces, whether indoors, outdoors, tall buildings or landscaping.

Its various designs can be illuminated as much as corporate, industrial or residential commercial architecture. His catalogue of lighting allows applications on different types of lamps, such as compact fluorescent, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen low voltage, high voltage halogen and led S.

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