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Today, Kartell has over 130 mono-brand flagship stores, 250 shop-in-shop and 2500 retailers in over 130 countries.

Kartel is a world leading design company, founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and currently chaired by Claudio Luti. Kartell is one of the most iconic brands in the field of Italian decoration. A story about success described through an incredible series of products: furniture, decorative objects, lighting and home accessories that have become part of the domestic landscape, and even true icons of contemporary design

From 1997, Kartell is part of the Altagamma association, chaired by Claudio Luti in 2012 and where he currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Design. Kartell is also one of the historic companies associated with IDA, Industrial Design Association, which was co-founded by Giulio Castelli in 1956.

Kartell uses the collaboration of the most prestigious international designers. The Kartell collection is multifunctional and cross-sectional, enjoyable, and has an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Kartell products are recognized at first sight all over the world thanks to the emotions they convey, to their durable functionality and its unquestionable quality. They are also characterized by colors, irony, games about directions, transparencies and unique shapes for unique items.

The continuous evolution in the use of plastic materials, the experimentation with new technologies and processes are essential for Kartell. They always care about innovation both in terms of functional performance and the aesthetic qualities of a product. Thanks to this ongoing research, it has been possible to introduce unprecedented properties in the plastic, such as: satin, transparency, flexibility, resistance to weathering, the softness and the feel of amazing colors. Kartell’s plastic is also practical and functional; it is beautiful, sensual and radically transforms the perception of the product manufactured in such material from a purely functional object into a real luxury item.

The expertise of Kartell is to strongly support innovation, enabling designers to express their creativity with new technologies and materials in order to give life to genuine industrial revolutions in our domestic landscape.
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