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They started their journey making adjustable table-lamps but gradually they were majoring in other business lines. They have over 60 years of detecting where to produce under high quality standards and have a great knowledge about it. To this, we have to add over 60 exciting years of learning and experience.

They offer an integrated, global supply thanks to their lines of business represented by 4 brands that currently make up the group.

Their solutions reach more than 90 countries worldwide. Indeed, their philosophy is to be close to customers, allowing them to enjoy their creations as well as transmitting their passion for everything they do.

They are a team of enthusiastic, professional and very excited people. They stand out thanks to the passion they put into everything they do because they enjoy working in this company. They are a great family.

Their facilities reflect their passion for light, since they consist of a transparent structure of 11,000 m2. They are an e-company and their area of dropshipping and quality laboratory are proof of that.

In their own laboratory, products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their efficiency, wear resistance or environmental factors. They also perform many other tests such as: IP, electric shocks, impact shocks (IK), glow wire, heat resistance and mechanical power consumption and factors, while ensuring compliance with the regulations in force. Thanks to these advances, They raise the level of rigor in their research and ensure strict compliance with European standards and regulations.

They also offer a personalized project service that starts with the understanding of customer needs and ends with the completion of an executive project. In this project, they distribute luminaries; make calculations, simulations in 3D, sustainability studies and amortizations. They also conduct a thorough monitoring of the project. The contract market has specific needs and they know how to satisfy them.

They offer a personalized attention service which culminates with quality projects that exceed the expectations of their customers. They work to provide solutions, to understand the unique needs of each client and to develop projects from conception to implementation.

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