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Schuller is a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. They offer over 3,000 illumination items: ceiling lamps, table lamps, feet or wall sconces, ceiling lights and pendants. All of them are manufactured in our facilities using different materials such as: bronze, brass, wrought iron, ood, ceramics and resins.

Our finishing techniques allow us to liken materials, using different manufacturing processes which harmonize our furniture.

Since 1997, Schuller has had its own industrial center of 3,000 square meters dedicated to the manufacture of lamps. They are part of a modern sewage treatment facility, which shows our commitment with the environment.

At our manufacturing facilities we produce furniture thanks to the experience we have acquired. Schuller manufactures and installs furniture for hotels and residences. From the department projects, the correct execution of each hotel is managed by ensuring adequate service to the needs of each client.

Best Selection is the second brand registered by Schuller. This brand offers a wide variety of decorative items, furniture and lighting. We have exclusive models made for us in other countries and a large selection of product chosen for our clients, with our experience and quality control as warranty.

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