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Foscarini has always focused on its products, which is what drives force behind their decisions. His collaboration with international designers, both household names and promising and capable talent, his ability to identify and develop the winning elements of this concept at the base of each project, interpreted and developed consistently, have allowed Foscarini to take their place in the lighting design world as a dynamic, resourceful and creative entity.

These qualities have given the company numerous awards including the Compasso d'Oro with Mite and Tite designed by Marc Sadler, which introduced them to new frontiers in research and experimentation in the field of materials and production technology .

Foscarini’s raw material is the emotion present in the birth and development of the project and takes its place in the environments provided by the collection. The emotions, the innovative charge and a open-minded point of view, typify the facts that are signed by Foscarini, such as participation in trade fairs in the main sector and, in general, all those initiatives that make the company talk about: from media publications and editorial projects to the choice of linking the brand to the most prestigious exhibitions in the cultural world.

An example of this is the reconfirmation of the 2009 collaboration with the Venice Biennale, a collaboration of international prestige, where Foscarini brought their skill and creativity in a context of shared values.

The communication center of the company is still its dialogue with the world of design. Foscarini has always worked on the topic of customizing the space, emphasizing the possibilities of combining several of the models and how they can be used in arrangements. Lamps with different personalities can transform a space. Through a series of exhibitions, also led to the consolidation of the brand on the international scene, Foscarini unfailingly offers different ways of reading the collection, which declares its eclectic nature through lighting sets, carrying a strong emotional impact.

This is visible in the traveling Fiber Evolution screen, along with Marc Sadler, who in 2008 was in the six most important design capitals of Europe and the United States. In 2009, this was followed by a series of events with Tropico, a project developed in collaboration with Giulio Iacchetti. In 2010, the opening of the event Foscarini Evolution, in Frankfurt emphasized the collection and interpretation of technical materials.

In 2009, they also stood out thanks to the license agreement with diesel: a relationship of development and distribution of the lighting collection brand so well known. This has allowed Foscarini to open a dialogue with a young audience.

His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled the company, directed by Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, to publish positive results also for 2009, and it was also confirmed a strong consistency in the performance of their work programs. The volume of over 30 million Euros businesses was consolidated. This was obtained from 2,500 points of sale between lighting and interior design shops in nearly 50 countries worldwide, with an export share of 73%.

These are the ingredients of Foscarini success, a company that in the past 27 years, has succeeded in the design scene, which positionates itself as leader in the stylish and innovative sector.

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