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They were born in 1980 and were created with the intention to fill a gap in the decorative lighting industry. Since their beginning, they have been facing the challenge of bringing to the market products where design, quality and service will become the main focus of its activities. They are specialists in architectural lighting. Their products are mainly developed for using them in works such as:

- Large Commercial areas

- Hotels


- Offices

-Museums, galleries and exhibitions

They are manufacturers of lighting, who emphasize safety and quality. All their products are made to meet the highest demands:

- Compliance standards (EEC low voltage and radio frequency)

- Mechanical and electrical security

- Aesthetics and functionality

- Mobility, elasticity, plasticity

They are devoted to researching, developing and designing lighting fixtures for the architectural lighting sector, in order to meet the demand of prescribers (engineers, architects and decorators) and thereby contribute to the achievement of nice, beautiful and more practical spaces.

They manufacture, using the most advanced techniques in production and quality control as well as the most modern materials, advanced technologies for new, better, different and reliable products.

They commercialize through its own national network of wholesalers of electrical material and specialized shops, working closely with them in monitoring all work processes, from design, budget, procurement, to installation and delivery.

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