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Mantra is a fusion of lighting and design. As you can see in the images, Mantra luminaries fit perfectly with the style, since our designs are fine and bright. As the motto of Mantra: ”feel the light”, we can see that the spaces come alive as the shadows fade to give the light a way to shine.

If you want to see more Mantra luminaries, enter Mantra presents an original collection to illuminate your spaces with a cutting-edge, effective and distinct design. Gold, red, black and white are the colors that combine forms and that discreetly dress the effective low-energy light.

One of its designers is Santiago Sevillano who has also created lighting elements such as: hanging round ORA, wall sconces and desktops and floorlamps. Their structures are made from injected ABS, latest equipment that gives them quality, sturdiness and lightness. The finishing touches of his floor lamp are made of glass and it is a low-energy light lamp. Their products feel the light and transmit a philosophy that inspires us.

Elements from the collections not only illuminate but they also provide simplicity and beauty without being sumptuous or vulgar.

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