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Multiblitz Dr. Ing. FROM Mannesmann GmbH was founded in 1948 in Cologne, Germany, by inventor and entrepreneur Dr. Mannesmann and is one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment to study art. The first proposal was that Multiblitz strobes built in 1948, in the 50s and 60s flash Multiblitz were extremely popular among photojournalists. According to the family tradition of Mannesmann, Mannesmann Dieter was an inventor and explorer with great spirit. His ideas and discoveries pioneered strobe photography and for his ambition to find new innovations was never satisfied.

Free Since 1973, Multiblitz is managed by the engineer and visionary CEO Hans-Gerd Wulms and has grown to become one of the leading companies in the world for the study of high-quality lighting. Under Wulms, Multiblitz forever changed the world of the studio lighting when introduced into the compact flash industry survey, the now legendary 202 in 1976 Ministudio from Multiblitz Wulms and are responsible for many of the products and inventions that were ahead of their time, including the Variolite Profilite and systems, and the famous Flash Profilux studio with its sturdy but lightweight performance design and incoherent in the 90s Today, a wide range of Multiblitz products are used by leading professionals in more than 100 countries.

free Multiblitz is managed by a highly skilled. The scope of the business model Multiblitz includes the design, development, assembly, quality control, marketing, distribution and sales. With virtually every stage of the process running on the same system, we are able to provide greater flexibility and faster response times than our competitors.

Free As the most experienced provider of professional studio lighting equipment worldwide, Multiblitz is proud of the fact that it is the only European brand that continues to produce award-winning products completely Europeans, are based exclusively on German engineering and manufacturing unlike many other European brands.

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