Arluce offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting items, which are characterized by extension, versatility and design. From the design stage to the production process, everything is carefully controlled within the company in order to achieve the main objective: to devise parameters using high technology and design to obtain quality products according to various contexts and in tune with the latest trends.

This is possible thanks to their constant commitment with the research they have been carrying out since 1989. Therefore, this research is in harmony with the market demands and it fulfils the European Union directives. Arcluce always takes care during all the stages of production, since they always aim for a quality that is also reflected in the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This is possible thanks to the progressive enhancement of production processes that turns Arcluce into a dynamic and growing company which can offer an even more complex array of lighting solutions. In fact, working depending on the market means extending the boundaries of the firm in order to build business relationships and to give a concrete meaning to business collaborations.

The Arcluce’s concept is the realization of lighting solutions that unite creativity and innovation. The Arcluce Research & Development division is constantly engaged in the study and the applicability of new technologies and light sources (LED), with special attention to energy savings and efficiency of their lighting equipment.

Arcluce constantly invests in order to acquire prototyping and engineering instruments of the reflectors and optics. The internal team develops new products that meet the essential safety requirements in all conditions, energy saving and quality over time.

The design and development of lighting equipment are made through processes fully computerized. This ensures a constant control during the processing phase and makes possible to storage data based on versatile programs that can be applied in various contexts.

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