In Grupo B.Lux they work for a more human, more ecological and more sustainable future. These values, present throughout their more than 30 years of existence, are what have allowed them to grow and consolidate their business culture. Its luminaries are signed by renowned designers. This product differentiation, coupled with its high quality of execution, forms the basis of your business.

In Grupo B.Lux, they manufacture luminaires for the home environment as well as for project and installation equipment. They are aware that lighting is an essential element in architecture and therefore offer lighting solutions that are integrated into all types of projects that in many cases are personalized lighting. As manufacturers of customized solutions, they have collaborated with the most outstanding architects on the national and international scene who have enriched their experiences in the world of lighting.

They seek to strengthen ties with their final consumers through a mature and consolidated distribution network. Not only nationally, but also internationally, since they have always shown a clear and defined exporting vocation, which has allowed them to be present in more than 60 countries. ICTs and social media, placed at the service of humanism, allow them to reinforce that relationship and converse with markets.

The collaboration with external designers of the first order has constituted a fundamental pillar in its trajectory and growth. This strategy, so common today, was not at the beginning of the 80s, when they had their first experience with Guillermo Capdevilla, designer of the successful Belux System. Since then, its mission has focused on channeling the creative wealth of established professionals and young promises of design, in the effort to develop a coherent, innovative and constantly updated product offer.

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