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The TCI Group has been in the world of lighting market over 25 years. Its continuous evolution makes it today a young and dynamic group whose objective is to project design and make electronic systems.

The high quality standards of production processes have allowed TCI to obtain the ISO 9001 1995 certification. all products are made ​​according to the strictest safety standards, recognized by many of the most important institutes of European Quality, such as VDE, ENEC, IMQ, KEMA, SEV, etc. Thanks to the wide free

knowledge and ability to design and create your technical staff, TCI works closely with major OEM European, distributing its products to all parts of the world.

the company covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters including its warehouses, production units, and testing department, quality control, administration, marketing or advertising.

The TCI Group has other production units, increasing the total to 38,000 square meters.

research and development departments

Within its laboratories, qualified engineers and technicians, with the help of latest instruments, carried out constantly working in the fields of research and development. For example, thermal tests are performed in embedded electronic ballasts in luminaires to verify their operating temperatures.

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