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Luceplan means passion for design and business value. It is a Luceplan’s commitment to invest considerably in production which leads to a line of techniques and architectural lighting accessories.

Luceplan was set up with the purpose of the creation and production of interior and exterior lighting, and to improve the quality of life. Energy conservation is a priority and cannot be limited to the relationship of lighting for energy consumption. It also has to embrace the environmental compatibility of all our operation - the choice of materials for the manufacturing process, from the durability of the product to product maintenance. If an object is in the latest fashion, it means that it has to be beautiful as well as technologically safe. However, a long-lasting product also offers a more efficient environmental compatibility which also survives the new fashions.

To understand the concept of light, we first need to understand: how fresh energy and new ways of saving and optimization are developed; how the various forms of distribution, consumption patterns and the change of industrial productions are established; and how the new responses to the demand for lighting will alter the different types of houses and cities.

Luceplan means sustainability for research and innovation, which a constant feature in their history. It is no mere coincidence that Luceplan was the first company in the lighting industry to introduce materials and technologies that meet ecological requirements. The same thing happened with LEDs that were taken from "other" elite sectors of production - after a careful work conducted in collaboration with designers to eliminate all the bonuses - for performance of lighting that was comparable with traditional light sources, while maintaining at the same time the added value of low power consumption and high flexibility.

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